WiFi Sump Pump Alarm San Diego

WiFi Sump Pump Alarm San Diego

Your sump pump is your basement or crawl space’s first line of defense against flooding and water damage. A WiFi sump pump alarm San Diego alerts you right away where there is a problem and can help you prevent flooding and extensive water damage if your sump pump malfunctions.

When considering different sump pump alarms, a WiFi sump pump alarm in San Diego offers unmatched convenience and efficiency. Learn more below.

What Can Go Wrong with a Sump Pump?

Heavy rainfall can overwhelm a sump pump if water is flowing in faster than it can pump it out.

Other causes of sump pump malfunction include:

  • Power failure – Like other electrical appliances, when the power goes out, so does your sump pump
  • Stuck switch – Every sump pumps have a sump float switch which signals to the pump the water level in the pit. If the switch gets stuck, it can’t relay accurate information to the pump
  • Frozen drainage pipe – If the outdoor drainage pump is frozen, it can create a blockage and send the exiting water back into the sump pit and into your basement if it overflows
  • Old age – Sump pumps have an average lifespan of 10 years and if yours is older, you may experience malfunctioning or complete failure of your pump

Why is a Sump Pump Alarm Important?

A sump pump alarm alerts you when there is a problem. It will go off when there is no power, the battery isn’t charging or is drained, there is a blockage in the discharge pipe, or there is too much water.

Why Choose a WiFi Sump Pump Alarm?

A WiFi sump pump alarm San Diego connects to your home’s WiFi and notifies you via email or text message when the water level in the sump pit is too high or there is a power outage.

The WiFi sump pump alarm San Diego (installation concept) connects to your existing WiFi network and continuously sends data 24/7 to a server that notifies you as soon as it detects a problem. When you are able to find out about a problem with your sump pump immediately and react quickly, you can potentially save your basement from flooding and significant (and expensive) water damage.

Learn more about how you can get a WiFi sump pump alarm San Diego by contacting our team today.

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