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My name is Steve Fox and I am the owner of Fox Pump Systems. I would like to introduce Fox Pump Systems to you as a source for all your pump system needs. I have been in the industry for over 30 years and working on sewage and sump pumps since 1986. That is when I realized there was a need for a proficient pump service company and providing specifically skilled technicians for maintenance and repair of pump systems throughout San Diego County.

Our company vision is to provide our clients with quality, reliability and satisfaction on each system we service. Our technicians offer many years of expertise and experience to help solve your plumbing pump issues. We are a full service company providing around the clock availability for any pump emergency you may face.

Since 1986 we have accumulated over 25,000 hours of experience on San Diego pump systems. We TRULY are your Pump Experts when you have a question, concern or problem with your pump!

I wanted to let you know that when you need help with the plumbing pump on your property that you can call and rely on a pump expert to get things working properly again.